George F. Brocke & Sons was started in 1950 by George F. Brocke, Sr. in Kendrick, Idaho and initially provided processing facilities for small seeds and grass seeds.

    His sons, George Jr., Darrel, and Eugene, all assisted with developing the company and expanded the product line into peas, lentils, rapeseed and garbanzo beans. George Jr. worked in the office while Darrel and Eugene worked in the processing and maintenance areas.The company was incorporated in the State of Idaho in 1959. George Jr. become company president while Darrel and Eugene were company directors. George Jr's. wife Helen was the company bookkeeper from 1959 until her passing in 2015. George Jr. and Helen’s son, Dean Brocke, became company president in 1996 and retired in 2017. Currently, Dean’s son Bert Brocke (fourth generation) is the current company President. Darrel had two sons: Mike and Jim Brocke. Mike serves as the company tresurer and Jim is the company secretary. All of the Directors and Officers work together and play an integral part in the management of the company. 

    George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. presently has four processing facilities in Kendrick and storage facilities in Kendrick, Juliaetta,  Southwick, Troy, Viola and Kennedy Ford Idaho. Peas, lentils, rapeseed and garbanzo beans are presently shipped all over the United States and to nearly every continent in the world, shipping to 51 different ports in 38 different countries. George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. is around 70% export.  

The company’s headquarters are located at 1710 State Highway 3 West in Kendrick, Idaho were they also employ 42 employees. 

    George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. has always been a small family run company with an emphasis on providing consistent quality and unrivaled customer service to it's customers, both domestically and internationally. 

    In 2008, George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. was awarded Farm Service Agencies Small Business Contractor of the year for the entire United States by the USDA.